CES Nutrition Program

Dear Parents,

One of the key ingredients to a successful day for any student is a healthy breakfast. It is also true that having access to nutritional food throughout the day can make a significant difference in a student's success at school. We appreciate the efforts of many of our families to ensure that their children come to school having had a healthy breakfast and with  a nutritional lunch.

We are also aware that there are times when children come to school having had very little to eat. Despite the best efforts of parents or guardians, some children could benefit from having access to more food than they are sent to school with. 

Beginning November 7, 2016, all students who come to school hungry at Cardston Elementary School will have access to a range of healthy food choices for breakfast and snacks, including gluten from choices, at no cost to our families. Students will be able to select from cereal, toast, muffins, fresh fruit, and yoghurt parfaits along with one hot breakfast meal a week served from our kitchen. There will also be fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks readily available for students at recess again at no cost to families.

This initiative is supported by a grant from the Alberta government. Cardston Elementary School was chosen as one of 14 locations across the province to develop a program that feeds students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 following the Alberta Nutritional Guidelines for Youth and Children. 

Any student with breakfast or smoothie coupons will be able to redeem them at our kitchen for cost items such as juice boxes, bottled water, cookies, or a hot lunch with enough coupons, as a result of this pilot program we will cease selling breakfast coupons effective November 7.

As well, in the next few weeks we will be able to offer a brown bag lunch for any student who needs one. Our hot lunch program will continue at a cost of $5 those who wish to have that option for their child. We would like to thank the Lions Club for providing a lunch for many years for those in need.

We are excited to provide this support to our students and families and look forward to seeing how our nutritional program evolves. Should you have any questions, or would like to volunteer in the preparation of food for our students please contact either Mark Bennet (Principal) or Terry Heaney (Vice Principal) at 403-653-4955.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mark Bennet and Terry Heaney