CES Is a Nut Free School

With additions to our student enrollment, Cardston Elementary School will now be a nut free school. We have some students who have significant, life-threatening allergies to nuts, both tree nuts and peanuts. These children can react very strongly to any contact with nuts. As such, we ask for your support in helping us minimize the contact that these children have with any nut products. Our school kitchen has made the transition and will only be serving nut free products. We would appreciate your careful monitoring of the food and snacks that you send your child to school with to ensure that they are nut free. 

-    Please do not send any peanuts, peanut butter or tree nuts (for example almonds, cashews, walnuts} to be eaten as lunch or as snacks.

-    When sending baked goods for classroom parties, please be very careful about ingredients to ensure they are nut free.

-    As a school, we will maintain our practice of cleaning desks and surfaces daily to minimize the spread of any contagions.

For more information on nut allergies, or allergies of any kind, contact http://foodallergycanada.ca/ This is a learning process for all of us, but we trust that you understand how important it is to respect and follow these directions. If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact the school